Hey everyone, My name is Keiraa Dinzeo . Im 34 from Arkansas. I started blogging sometime November 2011 when I stumbled across a store I really loved going to Alterego was the very 1st place I ever blogged for and I continued my blogging. I really like fashion and had to share my awesome finds with all you wonderful people. I since started blogging for AngelRED, .ICKY., Fashion Wardrobe and Outrage, . Still working hard at blogging I was blogging for Chichi for the longest but decided it was time I went out on my own so this is about me and what blogging means to me its just something i enjoy doing and being apart of the fashion industry of this little world we all call Second Life.

I am now a designer and working my way up the list! I like meeting new people and making friends. I just like my peaceful drama free sl life! If you want something blogged feel free to pass it my way I only blog what I like no offence. I like blogging a great deal however it takes me awhile to do it these days since I started my own store and what not so please be patient I will blog your items.


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