Hey lovelies, Im super sorry for the lack of not blogging. I just needed to do me for awhile without much of SL. Im not back how i once was but im here somewhat here. I did take the time too open some of my blogger packages from D-style finally and I will be blogging everything in these boxes that I like. Not that I dont dislike any of there amazing things I just don’t do a lot of bright flashy colors and stuffs. Im doing rather good other then doing and repairing my rl which needed to be done. You never know hour many hours you put into SL until you take a huge break from the game. At the end of the day I miss the people who I call family and the people I took into my rl with me but I do miss my friends a great deal. Don’t forget SL has a X button and take the time out to do rl things with your family. Always take breaks they will make SL so much funner if you do. Never allow people to bring you down to there level. Always stand on your own and do your own things because there is always people out there to hurt you no matter what. SL is a game and it business for some but never forget that like I did. I took alot for granted and I hurt and caused a lot of drama but Im human. Being human you make mistakes and you learn from them but if you come back and never cause drama then you learned a lesson if you came back and steady causing drama your just not fixable. I wont be playing SL like i once played it I was spending countless hours on there and never really stepped out of it unless i was needing to go shower, eat, or sleep and heck i was sleeping at my PC most nights. That’s not away to live. A lot of people forget SL is just game while others are there to make a living for there RL but still even as a designer, event organizer, blogger, and family you still forget rl when your on SL for the most part. So I challenge each and everyone of you who read this blog post to turn off the PC for a solid week and go outside and enjoy your RL I doubt any of you guys can even pull off a whole week. Let me know who will actually do this and that also means no Mobile divices on SL or on SLFB just separate yourselfs from SL all together for a good week and feel what your missing in RL! Anyways enough of me rambling on about how i feel without sl as much. Here is my picture for my blog post enjoy!


Fashion Credits:


Shape: .Keiraa

Skin: Emily –  Lara Hurley

Hair:  Rachel– Wasabi Pills

Lashes: Irresistible Look Eyelashes-Crissy Designs 

Eyes:   Horizon Eyes v2 —IKON

Hands: Elegant1 –Slink 

Feet: AvEnhance Feet Female MEDSlink 

Mesh BODY: Physique Mesh Body-Slink


Face Piercings: Stellar Piercing — Cute Poison



Top: Cheryl Off Shoulder Tunic– D-Style  

Pants: Lejnas Zipped Pants – D-Style  

Shoes: Allure Heels–Reign

Happy Shopping & Much 

Keiraa Dinzeo