New Release’s Are Here!

Hey lovelies, I am pleases to announce a new brand has hit the Fashion Wardrobe Mall & Events! We have loads going on we have Hunts, Gachas, and Bi-Weekly sales room. So be sure to check out the SIM and all the main stores.  Anyways DD designs has new Releases! Kei has New Releases! FCDesigns has new releases! Fashion Wardrobe has tons of openings if you are a designer and would like to join its 200L$ for 25 prims for 2 weeks you can sale discounted items at a low discount price (50L$-150L$). Anyways, Here are the new releases!


DD Designs

DD Designs logo transparent

Le Luna Ad

Lilac Mist Ad

Southern Bell Ad




Kei - Logo

Pure Evil Shoe Ad




FCDesigns New Logo

Jazzy Skirt Ad

Sammie Top Ad


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