New Releases @ The Open Closet Event!

Hey everyone, I’ve been busy lately. Sim remodel event stuff ect… I haven’t forgotten about my blog just been stacking up on things I need to get done and what not. Anyways I made 3 male tops and 6 female tops that you can find over at the event once they finish there time out at the event they will be moved to my main store and Marketplace but for now you can find these over at The Open Closet event sales room. Here are the item Ad’s go by there and check them out!

Much ❤ 

Keiraa Dinzeo Loxely

Open Closet Logo
Blast Off Top V1

Blast Off Top V2

Blast off Top V3

Haters Love Me T-shirt

Haters Love Me T-shirt V2

I Make Good Babies T-shirt

Lost It Top V1

Lost It Top V2

Lost It Top V3


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