What Did The Fox Say? (Newness! big post)

Hey lovelies, I will be blogging a whole lot of newness this up coming Sunday! So stay tuned!! Also here are all the new releases I have put out. I will not be putting what hair or what this is all business 😛 however to narrow down the hair I wear alot of Truth, Magika, and Catwa! Here are all the Ad’s for you lovely readers!

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo Loxely

New Releases

Sporty Ad

Tickle Me Ad

Rock Me Ad

Luvs Ad



Hunt Item

Poison Ivy

Past Releases

Crazy Print

Dark Kisses Ad

Wacky Outfit

Wacky Corset

Soul Search

Solo Outfit

Skull Love

Sassy Outfit

Punk Skull's

Holy Outfit

Darkness Ad

Colored Outfit AD

Alicia Ad


There are all my latest items that you can fine in my stores! Except the Hunt Item Check out the Event tab to check out all event items and locations! Thanks for all the support and buying or even blogging my things it means alot too me happy shopping and happy blogging! 





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