Back Again!

Hey everyone, Alot of people wonder what happened to me blogging! Here’s the honest truth I was burnt out from blogging for a certain group every week. I feel blogging should be based on you and not a group. I do have some bloggers groups that don’t care how fast I blog for and will keep those groups because they understand bloggers because guess what there also bloggers and designers. I’m a designer I have deadlines and cant keep blogging all the time I will get burnt out pretty fast. So I’m gonna blog when I feel like it so with that being said here is a come back blog post here is the pic hope you enjoy it! All credits at after the pic!

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo

Blog entry1


Fashion Credits:


Shape: Made By Me

Skin: Angel B4a –7 Deadly s{K}ins— Bewbstock

Hair: Anita– Truth Hair

Lashes: Irresistible Look Eyelashes–Crissy Designs

Eyes:  Vibrant – Radioactive– .TSG.

Tango: Tango Mirage– Lolas


Nails:  Milky Nails/GAGA Black– MANDALA

Leg Tattoo: Candyscull Bow Tattoos– Fappy

Collar: Pixel Heart Choker (PLATINUM) RARE–  ANATOMY

Necklace: Leo– <-Puncture->

Earrings: Rebel Yell– Amorous


Outfit: Mini Formal – Champagne Silk  .TSG.

Shoes: DELICIOUS “Black”– N-Core


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