Nobody’s Perfect! (FW 1st Round B items post 1)

Hey everyone, I figured I would step up my game and help promote the designers over at Fashion Wardrobe since they seem to not being getting blogged enough. I’m sorry but we don’t have so many bloggers so you guys aren’t cheated out of your hard work. I rarely grab items if im not going to blog them however some not all bloggers are like me. With that being said I have grabbed all the ones I can grab that was put in group to grab might I add. If you don’t put them in the group at least ya know send a notice letting the bloggers know to IM you for them. Maybe that will help. Anyways, I am a blogger and a designer but sometime its hard to be both however I have some items for this post so far. Yep I’m right to the point with putting other things into my blog post. So you want advertisement then you get it if not then keep your items from the bloggers but don’t come to me and say your not being blogged. Anyways I’m gonna shut up now and share this trendy outfit with you. I didn’t know if I was gonna like it or not from the photo but I put it on and its like ohlala. So here is the photo and fashion credits for what I have on can be found in last blog post so happy reading 😛 

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo

Summer Buckle Zebra Dress & Heels

Forbidden Closet Designs– Summer Buckle Zebra Dress & Heel with skin changer HUD

Fashion Wardrobe


Outfit: Kelly Words with Boots– DaZeD DeZineZ– Fashion WardrobeNew Release

Hair: Lory– Wasibi Pills


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