I Won’t Let You Down!

Hey my lovely readers, I’ve been the busy bee lately. I did the up date for Round 1 Part B of Fashion Wardrobe’s blog which kicks off new items from the designers this round. Anyways wanna read more about it feel free to check out the blog Fashion Wardrobe Blog Link Anyways, I have also some releases that I will blog once I get a total of 5 made 🙂 Saves me time just to blog them all at once. So this is actually a blog post this time hehe. I’m tring to get caught up I don’t think its possible ever to get all caught up with blogging because as soon as I think im about to catch up my lovely designers I blog for put out new goodies. So here is the picture for this blog post all items I have on can be found in past post. I’m what you call a lazy blogger bahaha! Here is the post ENJOY!


Keiraa Dinzeo

Pretty N Red

Fashion Credits

Dress: Tainted– S&CNew Release

Hair: RiRi  Truth

Shoes: Midday– DMD


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