I Miss You When You’re Gone! (S&C POST)

Hia everyone, I’ve been a busy bee in RL and kinda sorta SL too. Getting ready to begin a new round @ Fashion Wardrobe. All the events I’m in are all about to start as well. I have so much to get done with week and I’m going to be busy. So I figured I would do 1 big blog post of the items I actually have from S&C. I hope this catches me up for the time being. Anyways here are all the items I have for this week. Here are the Photos as well as the Fashion credits ENJOY!



Keiraa Dinzeo


Curiouser S&C

Mischief S&C BLOG PIC


Zebra Skirt + Top

Fashion Credits:


Skin: Summer Skin–July Group Gift & May Skin–May Group Gift–Hush

Hair: No Longer Available 

Lashes: Irresistible Look Eyelashes–Crissy Designs

Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – White– IKON


Nose Ring: Nose Ring– Dirtyland– Group Gift

Nails:  Milky Nails/GAGA Black– MANDALA

Leg Tattoo: Candyscull Bow Tattoos– Fappy


Outfit 1:  Curiouser–S&C 

Outfit 2:  Mischief– S&C 

Outfit 3:  Sarina– S&C

Outfit 4: Zebra – S&C

Shoes: Studded Heels- S&C & F-Wings Shoes – F-Wings


Telling Me I’m Winning Wars They Create (FCD NEW RELEASE)

Hey followers,  I’ve been doing some work and I have had this pic edited for about a week now just lazy and just didn’t know what I was thinking keeping it from all of you but anyways here is a New Release for you all & blog post for S&C COMING SOON! However gonna share my new release with you for the time being! 


Keiraa Dinzeo


Ellie Dress & Heels


Fashion Credits

Outfit: Ellie Dress and Heels 5 sizes Alpha Layer Shoe Base & Shoe Alpha Layer Lola & Lush Appliers Skin HUD–  Forbidden Closet Designs

Hair: Listen–[e] is taken some time away from sl but she will be coming back!

Everything else can be found in past post!

Nobody’s Perfect! (FW 1st Round B items post 1)

Hey everyone, I figured I would step up my game and help promote the designers over at Fashion Wardrobe since they seem to not being getting blogged enough. I’m sorry but we don’t have so many bloggers so you guys aren’t cheated out of your hard work. I rarely grab items if im not going to blog them however some not all bloggers are like me. With that being said I have grabbed all the ones I can grab that was put in group to grab might I add. If you don’t put them in the group at least ya know send a notice letting the bloggers know to IM you for them. Maybe that will help. Anyways, I am a blogger and a designer but sometime its hard to be both however I have some items for this post so far. Yep I’m right to the point with putting other things into my blog post. So you want advertisement then you get it if not then keep your items from the bloggers but don’t come to me and say your not being blogged. Anyways I’m gonna shut up now and share this trendy outfit with you. I didn’t know if I was gonna like it or not from the photo but I put it on and its like ohlala. So here is the photo and fashion credits for what I have on can be found in last blog post so happy reading 😛 

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo

Summer Buckle Zebra Dress & Heels

Forbidden Closet Designs– Summer Buckle Zebra Dress & Heel with skin changer HUD

Fashion Wardrobe


Outfit: Kelly Words with Boots– DaZeD DeZineZ– Fashion WardrobeNew Release

Hair: Lory– Wasibi Pills

I Won’t Let You Down!

Hey my lovely readers, I’ve been the busy bee lately. I did the up date for Round 1 Part B of Fashion Wardrobe’s blog which kicks off new items from the designers this round. Anyways wanna read more about it feel free to check out the blog Fashion Wardrobe Blog Link Anyways, I have also some releases that I will blog once I get a total of 5 made 🙂 Saves me time just to blog them all at once. So this is actually a blog post this time hehe. I’m tring to get caught up I don’t think its possible ever to get all caught up with blogging because as soon as I think im about to catch up my lovely designers I blog for put out new goodies. So here is the picture for this blog post all items I have on can be found in past post. I’m what you call a lazy blogger bahaha! Here is the post ENJOY!


Keiraa Dinzeo

Pretty N Red

Fashion Credits

Dress: Tainted– S&CNew Release

Hair: RiRi  Truth

Shoes: Midday– DMD

To The Moon & Back!

Hey fellow readers, My blog has hit the big 2k views! I’m super happy 🙂 Anyways, I have some new things from S&C and other places I need to blog. This post and all the pics are just blogging those items from the places I need to blog. All accessories and stuff can most likely be found in past post! Seeing I dont need to just focus on accessories seeing I only wear certain things and the things I usually pick are have already been blogged so its easier for you guys to to just look at past post 😛  Anyways here are the photos ENJOY!

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo


S&C Disney!


Fashion Credits


Dress: Minnie –S&C NEW RELEASE

Shoes:  Myx Boots – BlackPink- insanya

Necklace: Chained Cross- POMPOSITY —New Release @ Fashion Wardrobe

Stuck On Stupid!?! “Updates & New Releases”

Hey everyone, I have alot to do! I have alot to put out on my blog and tons to release. I feel I’m stuck on stupid! Not really but I feel like I am half the time. Anyways, I have alot to do and very little time to do it. So here in this post you will find some really cute things from FCD and many other designers including some of my new release! SO here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure ENJOY!!


Has been moved to MainStore @ FCD  NEW RELEASE

Day Dreamer

Day Dream can be found @ FCD  


Dotty Can be found @ FCD  


Rosee Can Be found @ Pure Event till July 17th! after the date it will be moved to FCD  

Summer Buckle Flower Dress


Summer Buckle Zebra Dress & Heels

New @ Fashion Wardrobe NEW RELEASE

Now that you have the updated new releases for FCD now you can watch the blog for blogging sl now 🙂

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo

looking for bloggers poster

Also seeking bloggers for Fashion Wardrobe as well so please Contact Pinkrosey Fang or Keiraa Dinzeo inworld!

Who’s Booty Is It? Fashion Wardrobe Post2

Hey everyone, I’m bring you another awesome post from Fashion Wardrobe.  I’m gonna try and get every item up sometime this week if I can because a new round is about to start. So happy shopping here is the Photo and Fashion Credits for this post ENJOY!!


Keiraa Dinzeo

Fashion Wardrobe Post2

Fashion Credits:


Shape: KeeKee– Custom Made– IM Drakonious Soulstar

Skin:  Tease –HushJune Gift

Hair:  Plenty  Magika

Lashes: Irresistible Look– Crissy Designs 

Eyes: Soulful v2 – Beachy-ID

 Make-Up Eyes: Feline Oo1–Barbie Bitch

Make-up: Whatevea– Alterego


Nose Ring: Nose Ring– Dirtyland– Group Gift

Nails:  Milky Nails/GAGA Black– MANDALA

Necklace: Leo – Amorous

Horns: Coquette SilverJuicy

Bracelets: Coquette SilverJuicy

Leg Tattoo: Candyscull Bow Tattoos– Fappy

Ankle Cuffs: SafariAnkleBling– Baubles! —Fashion Wardrobe NEW RELEASE

BoobTattoo: Henna stlye No.2– Fappy–Fashion Wardrobe NEW RELEASE


Top:     Mary Jane Unrigged Top– DaZeD DeZineZ –Fashion Wardrobe NEW RELEASE

Pants:  Mary Jane Hot Pants – DaZeD DeZineZ –Fashion WardrobeNEW RELEASE

Shoes:  Coqueta– KIKI Designs 

Poses: I use alot of – Purple Pose