I Love You With A Fire Red, Now It’s Turning Blue!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you some Newness over at S&C. Jaysee has been working hard and has put out back to back new stuff. I’m slow at blogging but in this post is 3 of her newest releases. I also stumbled on another designer the owner of Fappy came by the club I work at so IMed her and told her about my blog and she added me to her blogger group but figured I would blog some of her stuff in this blog post as well hope you all ENJOY my blog. If there is something you wanna see blogged just git me up in world and I would be glad to blog about it.

Much ❤

Keiraa Dinzeo

S&C Berrylisouis

Fashion Credits:


Shape: KeeKee– Custom Made– IM Drakonious Soulstar

Skin:  SpringBlush–Hush– May Gift

Hair: Moment  Magika

Lashes: Irresistible Look– Crissy Designs 

Eyes: Soulful v2 – Beachy-ID

 Make-Up Eyes: Feline Oo1–Barbie Bitch

Make-up: Whatevea– Alterego


Nose Ring: Nose Ring– Dirtyland– Group Gift

Nails:  Milky Nails/GAGA Black– MANDALA

Necklace: Libra – Amorous

Leg Tattoo: Candyscull Bow Tattoos– Fappy

Stomach Tattoo: The Candyguns– Fappy


Top: BerryliciousS&C NEW

Skirt: Berrylicious– S&C NEW

Shoes:  Coqueta– KIKI Designs


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