:yoUR boYFriENd suCKs:

I love it Momma bear<3




:yoUR boYFriENd suCKs:

fresh off the messieessie press…this author brings you a smashing design called Laid Back designed for Forbidden Closet Designs designed by the most fabulous of all the lovely Keiraa Dinzeo and she’s my cuppycake *giggles*

she outdoes herself in each design…giving us shop-o-holics’ a reason to dive into our girly feminine side and show off every curve, every beauty mark, every sensational and flattering tell tale sign we own! 

i’m not going to chit chat too much in this post, because it will detract from the overall work 

i paired this fab design with every day casual low top sneakers *like converse* because it makes one feel young again! 

the make up I chose by Pink Acid complimented the ombre hair, the dark shadows mingling with the highlights of the blonde and dark brown…down to the facial piercing by Superbia which are always give us that a-girl-with-attitude-look…overall…

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