New Release “ATOMIC”

Hey everyone, I updated my Marketplace with single colors of Impatant One (yeah I know I miss spelled it but I ran with it) Anyways there for sale for 98L$ each or you can buy the Fat pack for 400L$. Anywas, I also put out another swim suit except this one is a full piece it comes in a fat Pack for 400L$ or you can buy the singles for 98L$ each. 

I’ve been having  fun designing different things however my is only re-texturing or changing the color the awesome Templates I use mainly are from AngelRed! So All the credit for the whole making the templates go to AngelRed but the other credit goes to me hehe.. Anyways Here is the fashion list for you all to go out and buy hope you enjoy. I also have a group of Facebook for Forgotten Closet Designs if you care to follow us there. Happy shopping and please ENJOY!

Much ❤ 

Keiraa Dinzeo


Atomic Berry Atomic Black Atomic Blue Atomic Red Atomic




Shape: KeeKee– Custom Made– IM Drakonious Soulstar

Skin: Shiver – Honey –Hush– January Gift

Hair: Plenty  Magika

Lashes: Irresistible Look– Crissy Designs 

Eyes: Soulful v2 – Beachy-ID

Body tattoo: 100% Pure Sugar–  Sugar button boutique


Nose Ring: Nose Ring– Dirtyland– Group Gift

Nails: Mesh Cyber Nails – Simplecandy


Bikini: Atomic Swim Suit Pink Blue Red & Gray–ForBidden Closet Designs

Heels:  Temper Heels– AngelRed

Template: Raven SwimSuit- AngelRed



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