Simple Candy

Hey all my lovelies,

I figured I would do some blogging why im doing all these photos Im kinda being some what lazy with my blogging because I have been like super busy with Forbidden Closet getting ready for new rounds ready is alot of hard work, along with editing outfits and doing the photos for those. I have tons of blogging I have to get ready to do for all the blogger groups Im in and what not and feel like I should just focus on some of that this week and next week get ready for round three at Forbidden Closet so yeah that’s my plan hope it falls through like I want it to.

Anyways the 2nd round of Forbidden has opened and we have some really good designers however the doors are always open for more designers. So if your a designer feel free to IM Keiraa Dinzeo or Amy Dominica. 

So here is the blog photo for this blog post let me get down to the other awesomeness you can find in world or even on marketplace except the hair it is no longer available however the other things can be found down below ENJOY and happy reading!

Much ❤

Keiraa Korso
Simple Candy--Blog Post Photo


Shape: KeeKee– Custom Made– IM Drakonious Soulstar

Skin: Shiver – Honey  –Hush– January Gift

Hair: Listen–[e] is taken some time away from sl but she will be coming back!

Lashes: Irresistible Look– Crissy Designs 

Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – White– IKON 

Hand Tattoos: I<3=u – Delusions 

Body tattoo: Death of Baroque–  Hebenon Vial

Make-Up Eyes: Feline Oo1–Barbie Bitch

Make-up: Whatevea– Alterego


Necklace:  Personalized Silver [F] / for 5 letters– RYCA 

Nails: Leopard Style Nails  (Wear to unpack) [S H O C K]


Top: Mesh Hanah Top– AngelRED

Shorts: Superhero– Forbidden Closet

Shoes: Mesh Aria Legwarmers & Sneakers Simple Candy


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