Have you checked out Frobidden Closet yet? If not you should!! I cant keep up with 2 blogs I know that but Im gonna start tring to! Forbidden Closet is also Mine and my awesome Co-owner Amy is amazing! Anyways here’s the blog back enjoy this blog too and be sure to check out the awesome themes!

Keiraa Korso

{-*-}Forbidden Closet{-*-}

I’m pleased to let you all know the blog has been update however there are still quite a few bloggers and designers missing. However once they pass me their links and logos I will add them to the blog asap. 

Anyways this round is growing closer to the end and we will be moving on to a new building and a new look within our store! Also in the next couple of months we should be getting our own land and we will be moving but not for awhile. We will be sure to keep all you wonderful readers up to date on everything.

Also we aren’t accepting anymore female bloggers at this time! We are looking for male designers so we can give what male bloggers we have something to blog about. So if your a male designer feel free to IM Keiraa Dinzeo or Amy Dominica. 

Also we have a…

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