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Keiraa Korso

The Young and the Glamorous


😀 good news! I am now an official blogger for Bitch Tail now!!!! Oh my goodness, I am so freaking excited. Um, you couldn’t tell that right? Good! I’m glad, because that would be awkward. *Nods* Well, I saw that Tiff (Owner of Bitch Tail) needed bloggers for her store and I jumped right in. I have loved Bitch Tail since I started second life. No matter what account I’m on, I always stop by as soon as I can. Her clothes are just amazing, high quality work really. *Looks around* I’m gushing aren’t I? Well … Anyway … The first outfit I’m going to blog for her is a winter one called Tis The Season. And let me tell you it’s adorable. I love the boots and how they sparkle, that’s the very first thing I saw. Then of course they come with an applier for the Lola boobs…

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