Price Tag/Don’t You/Give Me Everything!

Hey everyone its been one of those days when you feel like not waking up. I hate these types of days seem like no matter how hard one try’s someone is always there to try and break you and cause you more harm then you ever excepted and then you find yourself feeling weak and empty. If it wasn’t for the people I surround myself around I wouldn’t know how to act or what to do. Enough about the day I had. I poured myself into my photos once now for my blog entry I sat and thought about what I wanted to blog about and what not. As most of you all know Im pregnant in SL so why not show off my cute little belly in the outfit I decided to put together for all of you to see how cute pregnant people can be in SL. I like my baby bump so Im rocking it in this blog post here is the picture ENJOY!

Much ❤

Keiraa Korso

Everything One2


Shape: KeeKee– Custom Made– IM Drakonious Soulstar

Skin: Maria– Poudre

Hair:  Andarial– Magika

Lashes: Irresistible Look– Crissy Designs 

Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – White– IKON 

Hand Tattoos: I<3=u – Delusions 

Make-Up Eyes: Feline Oo1–Barbie Bitch

Make-up: Whatevea– Alterego


Necklace:  Personalized Silver [F] / for 5 letters– RYCA 

Ear Rings:  Obnoxious Hoops– Apple May

Nails: Leopard Style Nails  (Wear to unpack) .:F R O S T:. (Coming Soon)[S H O C K]–Frost


Top:  Rapture–Pink Sugah

Jeans: Modest Flare Jeans–Cynful

Shoes:  Magaline Boots– Barbie Bitch

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